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Thank you for your interest in our school. We are committed to working together with parents to develop the potential of each child. We provide a nurturing environment in which children can experience the excitement of learning. We use hands on materials & activities to encourage the natural curiosity of every student. Each classroom has been designed to promote learning, to encourage respect for the environment, to promote positive self esteem and to strengthen the development of the “whole child.” We strive for every child to succeed by developing cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally, and creatively.


We encourage an environment of education, creativity and fun. Our students are extremely well rounded and perform numerous activities including Mathematics, Reading and Writing. Our students learn to develop social skills and interact with other students. In addition we offer Arts & Crafts, Dance, Yoga, Cooking, Spanish and cool Music classes at our school. Some of our learning activities consist of Science, Language Arts, Cultural as well as playtime. We believe children learn through play. Successful and well planned activities will result in development of positive self-esteem. Opportunities for children to have experiences in problem solving and making choices are also a part of the daily program. This is the basic foundation on which more complex skills will be built.